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Marketing & promotion services for your local locksmith business.


Locksmith Marketing ServicesBenefits


It's your business! Keep growing and doing business on your own. We don't charge fees or percentages for the jobs you get. Our locksmith marketing service help grow your existing business.


We don't charge for jobs! We help you get more jobs but we don't charge per job. Our program starts at the low flat rate of $150 per week. You keep 100% of the revenue from the jobs you complete.


Multiple national locksmith brands! Gain exposure and more jobs by partnering with our established locksmith brands! Receive access to all our professionally designed branded marketing materials, t-shirts, business cards, invoices, vehicle signage and more! *Only pay for the marketing materials you want or need! Some brands may not be available in all geographic locations.


Exclusive Territory
All jobs go to you! Exclusive area means that you receive all the jobs and keep 100% of the revenue from all jobs in your territory. We market locksmith services in your area and all jobs are dispatched directly to you. When you partner with us you won't be competing with other service providers in your area.


Get more jobs!
Proven locksmith marketing system! We have generated over 200,000 jobs for locksmiths in the last three years! We have developed a successful and legitimate method for marketing locksmith services.


24/7 Phones
Live & personal dispatch service! We are available and answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We are a U.S. based locksmith company with U.S. based, well trained, professional dispatchers ready and available to receive and dispatch your jobs.


Online marketing management! We create, manage and market your business website associated with one of our locksmith brands. We list your business on our existing website location landing pages and make sure your specific location website is updated and maximizing its full SEO potential. *We register, setup and manage your location website and domain for you to use as long as you are partnered with us.

  • We have trained over 100 locksmiths nationwide
  • We have performed over 100,000 locksmith jobs
  • We have generated over 100,000 locksmith jobs nationwide

Our Locksmith Marketing Services:

Locksmith Brands

Established Brands

Partner with an established national brand with a strong industry presence and branded materials ready to use!

Locksmith Jobs

Generate Jobs

Receive actual jobs and not just leads! We have generated over 100,000 completed jobs in the last three years.

Locksmith Training

Training & Support
Receive professional training and ongoing support for all automotive, residential and commercial services.

  • 24/7 phone dispatch
  • Exclusive territory
  • Established locksmith brand
  • Website and landing page
  • Marketing in your local area
  • Receive jobs, not leads!
Locksmith Marketing*

Starting at only $150 per week!

  • Your own exclusive territory
  • Multiple areas available
  • Many satisfied locksmith clients around the Nation

*Not all areas may be available. Other expenses may apply. Contact us for more details and availability. 

24 Hour Automotive, Residential and Commercial Locksmith Service

* Locksmith marketing service may not be available in all areas. Other costs and fees may apply. Contact us for complete details. Yearly earnings stated are based on examples of full-time techs who perform all jobs, job availability and the number and types of jobs completed. Earnings are not guaranteed, earning are highly dependent on technical skill and business skill of the individual, and willingness to work after hours and weekends. Earning are also dependent on territory and market conditions. ** Certificate of completion awarded by us is not necessarily credited or endorsed by any state.  Certification requirements enabling you to work vary by state. Some states require a license, full certification and/or a background check before you can work as a locksmith technician. Other restrictions and requirements may apply. Make sure you are familiar and compliant with your local laws & regulations. There is no business opportunity fee. There is no franchise fee.  We reserve the rights to reject any candidate, and any trainee, at any time before and/or during the training, at our sole and absolute discretion. Please review all terms and conditions and contact a representative for full details.

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